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Our Bands


Using Burn Baby Burn Fitness Bands

Burn Baby Burn Fitness Bands are top quality products. Every band you get from us is a continually looped rubber band made from 100% natural latex. Our band packages allow you to do a variety of exercises and for a variety of different fitness levels. With our signature lifestyle packages, and a full catalog of bands with varying thickness, Burn Baby Burn has a successful workout for everyone.

Our band workouts can be brought with you on the go and done virtually anywhere. Some of our key aspects for why our band workouts will help you succeed are:

1. Our bands help you develop integrated core stability.
2. Band workouts allow you to train cardio and strength at the same time.
3. Workouts are safe and effective for all age groups and levels of fitness.
4. Our workouts can be done anywhere, with no additional equipment needed.
5. You will create functional strength and gain lean muscle tissue.
6. You will improve you balance and stability.
7. Our band packages require minimal space and are great to travel with.
8. Burn Baby Burn Fitness Bands are affordable for everyone!

A key component of our fitness band packages is the inclusion of exercise cards based on your fitness goals, and all designed by one of our founding members, Lynn Wracan. Lynn is a personal trainer with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercises Sciences (from Ball State University), as well as being a Certified Life Coach.

By using Burn Baby Burn Fitness Bands, it’s like having your very own personal trainer travel with you wherever you go. Our exercise cards will show you exactly what exercises to do, and how to safely do them. In addition, our bands and exercises are designed to work with our exclusive fitness timer app.