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How Do I Train?


Working out with Our Loop Bands

The way you train with our products is called a Metabolic Workout. Not only is this style of workout effective, but it will also deliver maximum results in minimal time. Workouts can be done quickly, on the go, and most importantly, are successful.

A metabolic workout features a total body workout in  a circuit format that combines the muscle building benefits of resistance training with the cardiovascular benefits of cardio training. The result of this approach is a workout that will supercharge your metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout. You will build lean muscle and burn stored fat. Additionally, workouts can take as little as 30 minutes per day, and you will be getting in the best shape of your life!

Two of the unique aspects of our workouts are our signature workout cards and fitness timer app. Each lifestyle bag that you purchase from Burn Baby Burn Fitness Bands contains a set of workout cards centered around the exercise goals of the bag you’ve purchased. Each workout card contains an exercise, photos of how to do the exercise, a description of how to do the exercise, and trainer notes. These exercises are complimented by our fitness timer app (available for both iOS and Android). This app will allow you to set a number of sets and repetitions, and will count you down between exercise and break periods for each. Along with this, you can hook up your Apple Music or Shopify accounts to listen to while you work out.

In addition to training on your own with our bands, Burn Baby Burn offers customized band workouts and packages. With this, you will discuss and convey your fitness goals directly with Lynn Wracan and receive a customized band workout and band package (for purchase) based on them.