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    Our Beginner Bag has the basic band set to help get you started on a fitness program done the right way, and achieve maximum results in the quickest amount of time. This bag will help you to train strength, cardio and flexibility at a beginners level. In addition, this package will provide you the portability and convenience of being able to do your workouts anywhere and anytime.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Short Green (1/2").

    As people age, poor balance and flexibility contribute to many falls and broken bones. This signature bag will increase your flexibility, balance and strength. When done consistently, this workout will help you decrease your likelihood of falls and live a better quality of life. This bag is great for seniors who are just starting a fitness program.

    Bands Included: Orange (1/2").

    Travel is commonplace in today's society. With our signature travel bag, you’ll be able to take a great workout with you wherever you go, and exercise whenever is convenient. This bag can easily fit in your suitcase, and provide you with a great and challenging workout whether you’re at a hotel, with family and friends, or anywhere else.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Short Green (1/2").

    This comprehensive package will teach you everything you need to know about training with loop bands. After providing us with your workout goals, you will receive a customized band workout and the necessary bands to complete it.

    Your customized band workout will be designed by Lynn Wracan, the Burn Baby Burn Fitness Bands Personal Trainer. Lynn has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercises Sciences from Ball State University and is a Certified Life Coach.

    Please note: your Personal Loop Bands Training Session package can either be done remotely or at our fitness center located in Kissimmee, Florida.

    Weight loss is a common goal for almost every individual. The Burn Baby Burn weight loss bag provides the necessary start to achieving this goal. With a variety of bands and workouts, this fitness program helps individuals lose weight, and can be used by any fitness level.

    * This bag comes with a free 21-Day Weight Loss Program.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Short Green (1/2").

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Weight Loss Lifestyle Bag


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