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    Our Beginner Bag has the basic band set to help get you started on a fitness program done the right way, and achieve maximum results in the quickest amount of time. This bag will help you to train strength, cardio and flexibility at a beginners level. In addition, this package will provide you the portability and convenience of being able to do your workouts anywhere and anytime.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Short Green (1/2").

    Our signature strength bag is an ideal choice for individuals aiming to build lean muscle mass, strength, and flexibility. With a wide range of fitness bands and exercises included, this program will allow you to develop excellent body motion, and train nearly every muscle in your body.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Purple (1 1/8"), Short Green (1/2").

    For the active aging population looking to improve their golf game, keep up with grandkids, and not be challenged by life’s daily challenges, our Senior #2 lifestyle bag will help you do just that. The workouts and bands included with this bag will help you remain active, flexible, and decrease on joint stiffness. This bag is for seniors who are accustomed to fitness programs, and ideally, have previously used our Senior #1 bag. 

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Orange (1/2").

    As people age, poor balance and flexibility contribute to many falls and broken bones. This signature bag will increase your flexibility, balance and strength. When done consistently, this workout will help you decrease your likelihood of falls and live a better quality of life. This bag is great for seniors who are just starting a fitness program.

    Bands Included: Orange (1/2").

    Specifically designed for athletes ages 13 and under, this bag provides the ideal bands and exercises to start training with. Specifically, this bag helps young athletes decrease risk of injury, as well as develop speed and agility, with a focus on first-step explosion, deceleration, and overall flexibility.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Short Green (1/2").

    Weight loss is a common goal for almost every individual. The Burn Baby Burn weight loss bag provides the necessary start to achieving this goal. With a variety of bands and workouts, this fitness program helps individuals lose weight, and can be used by any fitness level.

    * This bag comes with a free 21-Day Weight Loss Program.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Short Green (1/2").

    Our Super Fitness bag provides the next steps to evolve your Burn Baby Burn workouts with additional bands and exercises. Designed for fitness enthusiasts, yet able to be used by all fitness levels, this bag allows individuals to experience band workouts with new processes and routines. Most notably, this is a great bag for high school and college athletics coaches to use and determine which bands they will utilize the most. In addition, this bag is excellent for travel, as well as for a range of assisted pull-ups and progressive stretching and flexibility routines.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Purple (1 1/8"), Green (1 3/4"), Short Green (1/2").

    This bag is designed for athletes ages 13 and older, with a focus on high school and collegiate athletes. Allowing athletes to safely build the lean muscle mass necessary to increase speed and agility, this bag also increases first-step explosion, deceleration, overall flexibility, and decreases the risk of injury.

    Bands Included: Red (1/2"), Black (13/16"), Purple (1 1/8"), Short Green (1/2").

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